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Centrum Usługowe OMEGA is a dynamic, fast-growing company, developing new technologies and solutions in fields of personal and property security, fire protection of industrial objects, cleaning and maintenance work, as well as designing and landscaping outdoor areas. Through years of experience and with a qualified staff, we have been successfully performing our duties for many influential brands known on the market. Knowledge, skills, experience, and passion for what we do, are the leading factors that help us provide the best quality of our services.


Personal and Property Security

Front Office Support

Cleaning Services

Design and Landscaping of Outdoor Areas

Why Omega

Our years of experience, combined with large-scale technological investments, have allowed us to immediately and effectively respond to our clients’ needs. We constantly monitor the quality of our services, and maintain a stable contact with our customers. Along with our highly qualified staff, we strive to create positive relations with clients, based on our mutual trust. When negotiating, we seek to optimize the total costs related to security, protection and maintenance of your property. We perform a security audit, and evaluate the amount of security measures needed to provide our high quality services. As a tool to provide control and quality assurance of our services, we discuss the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) individually with each client. This enables an objective way of measuring your satisfaction with us. For us, nothing is impossible. There are only new challenges!


We are currently seeking candidates for the following positions:
  • Senior Security Officer
Location: Namysłów (Opolskie voivodeship), Poland Required: presence on the Qualified Security Guard List in Poland, prior experience is appreciated
  • Security Officer
Location: Namysłów (Opolskie voivodeship), Września, Trzemeszno, Gniezno (Wielkopolskie voivodeship), Poland Required: clean criminal record
  • Manual Worker
Location: Poznań, Komorniki, Plewiska (Wielkopolskie voivodeship)
  • Sales Representative
Area of activity: woj. Wielkopolskie, opolskie, dolnośląskie, kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeships in Poland Required: prior experience in a similar position Fill out the following form to apply for one of these positions:

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Address: Centrum Usługowe OMEGA Ul. Wiejska 14

62-200 Gniezno

Phone no.: 669-570-666, (61)424 73 36

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